Jefferson County Republican Party Vice Chairman

Join Judy in building an effective Jefferson County Republican Party.


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  • commented 2013-10-27 13:26:15 -0500
    Peter Gunn,

    I have a hard time understanding your position. The Tea Party represents 22% of Americans and a large number of my neighbors. Broad sweeping disparagement of such large segments of our communities is not a proactive approach to developing the synergies needed to move towards achievable solutions to the issues that face us.

    I believe it is far more effective to embrace all opinions and work towards innovative solutions that might satisfy the needs of all rather than discount and diminish another’s needs because I may not understand them through lack of interaction. I have posted the date, time and location of the next Tea Party meeting where I will be listening to concerns voiced there and I invite you to attend as it is open to all. You may find they have real concerns that deserve real consideration and cease discounting them as they are after all, citizen’s the same as you.
  • commented 2013-10-05 23:44:04 -0500
    Just wanted to be the first to comment. I’m really excited about the final launch!
    - Jason Parthum